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billed monthly
15,00 €
per month,
per employee
For businesses needing flexible payroll.


billed monthly
12,50 €
per month,
per employee
only with SEPA Direct Debit
For businesses seeking consistent payroll.


billed annually
10,00 €
per month,
per employee
only with SEPA Direct Debit
For businesses planning with annual efficiency.


12 to 71
10,00 € per unit
72 to 131
9,50 € per unit
132 to 239
9,00 € per unit
240 to ∞
8,50 € per unit
* additional units will be billed monthly at the standard price of 12,50 €
* Prices do not include VAT.
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Monthly subscription
Monthly subscription with SEPA
Annual subscription with SEPA

Tailor-made features to meet your needs

Run payroll automatically
Generate declarations (CCSS, ACD)
Create certificates (ACD, ADEM)
Track & approve leaves
Import tax card data automatically
Multiple users & companies
Technical support & onboarding
Unlimited storage of company data
Automatic updates & backup

Supporting our local economy
through the ups and downs.

SMEs are the backbone of the economy, and we're committed to making sure they have the tools they need to succeed. With Salary, you can take the hassle and stress out of managing payroll and focus on what you do best.

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

"Salary is the best payroll
solution for small
businesses! It's easy to use
and saves me so much time
and money."
"As an accountant, I recommend
Salary to all of my small business
clients. It's a reliable and
affordable solution that makes
payroll easy."
"With Salary, it takes me less than an hour each month to do the payroll for our 7 employees!"

Why not try Salary for yourself and see how easy payroll can be?

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