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Salary Gets a New Look | SALARY.LU
Big changes are coming to our payroll platform for Luxembourg based SMBs on the evening of November 14! We're thrilled to introduce a fresh layout that will simplify and enhance your payroll management experience. 

As your trusted payroll service provider, here's what you can eagerly anticipate:

User-Friendly Design: Our updated layout features a modern and user-friendly interface that stands out among payroll services in Luxembourg. A new sidebar will offer a comprehensive overview and swift access to the most frequently used pages, while our beta dashboard introduces useful charts for improved payroll insights.

Mobile Responsiveness: We're dedicated to providing a top-tier payroll service, which means ensuring you can access and manage your payroll wherever you are. The fully mobile-responsive design offers unmatched flexibility and convenience, keeping your business moving even when you're on the go.

Enhanced Security: As a responsible payroll provider in Luxembourg, we're enhancing your account's security with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). This additional security layer is essential to safeguard your sensitive payroll data against unauthorized access.

Quick Access to Support: Need guidance or assistance? Our new Help Center is easily accessible, filled with various articles and resources to support your needs. This ensures that you have quick assistance at your fingertips, making our platform the most user-friendly payroll solution available.

Full Control of Your Payroll: Our enhanced layout will take your interaction with our self-service payroll platform to the next level. It's a user-friendly, secure, and efficient solution that empowers SMBs in Luxembourg to take complete control of their payroll processes from start to finish. Get ready to experience the future of payroll management with the most dynamic payroll provider Luxembourg has to offer!

Here are some of the key benefits of the new layout:

  • - Improved navigation and accessibility
  • - Enhanced security for your sensitive payroll data
  • - A more user-friendly experience
  • - Access to valuable insights through our beta dashboard
  • - The ability to manage your payroll from anywhere, using any device

We're confident that you'll love the new layout and find it to be a valuable asset to your business.

Mark your calendars for November 14 and be sure to check out the new layout!

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