Updated on 17/05/2024

Streamline payroll with our calculator

Streamline payroll with our calculator
At, we are committed to providing employers with the tools they need to streamline payroll management. In partnership with, we are pleased to introduce our new online gross-net salary calculator. This new tool is designed to help employers accurately determine the net pay of their employees, while maintaining compliance and efficiency.
Why use our salary calculator
Effective payroll management is essential for any business. Here's why our payroll calculator is a must-have tool for employers:

- Accuracy and compliance: Ensure that payroll calculations are accurate and compliant with Luxembourg tax and social security regulations.
- Time efficiency: Save valuable time by using our easy-to-navigate calculator for fast and reliable results.
- Cost management: Plan and manage labor costs more effectively by understanding the net salary impact on your payroll budget.
- Employee satisfaction: Provide employees with clear and accurate salary information, increasing transparency and trust.

We consider employees too

While the primary focus is on employers, employees can also benefit from our salary calculator. By using this tool, employees can
- Simulate their take-home pay: Understand their take-home pay after deductions, which helps with financial planning and salary negotiations.
- Negotiate with confidence: Approach salary discussions with accurate take-home pay figures, ensuring they get a fair deal.
- Optimize their taxes: Take advantage of's expertise to further reduce the tax burden in compliance with Luxembourg regulations.

How it works

Our salary calculator uses sophisticated formulas and current tax regulations to provide accurate net salary estimates. Simply enter your gross salary, tax status, and any applicable deductions to receive a detailed net salary calculation.

Join our payroll platform

Employers are invited to register on our payroll platform to take full advantage of our comprehensive payroll solutions. Our platform includes not only the gross-net pay calculator, but also a suite of tools designed to simplify payroll management and ensure compliance.

Try it now

Discover how our gross-net payroll calculator can revolutionize your payroll process. Visit our calculator to start using the tool and register on our platform to unlock the full potential of our payroll services.
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