Updated on 14/02/2024

Salary Certificate

What is a salary certificate ? — A salary certificate is an official document issued by an employer to an employee on an annual basis. It contains detailed information about the financial aspects of the employee's employment. It provides details on the gross salary (total earnings before deductions), social security contributions and the amount of tax withheld by the Luxembourg tax authorities. Essentially, it serves as a summary of the individual's income and tax-related information for the year. Employers issue this certificate, and employees may request a copy if needed, as it is often required for various financial and official purposes.

Synonyms: Income certificate, Certificate of remuneration, Payroll certificate, Employment income certificate.

How to obtain a salary certificate ? — Your employer provides you with a salary certificate automatically, usually by mid-February. This document is important to both employers and employees because it summarizes key financial details related to employment, including income, taxes, and other relevant information. Employers typically send it by email or as a physical document. If employees don't receive it or need an extra copy, they can simply contact their company's human resources or payroll department for assistance.

If an employee worked for more than one employer during the year, he must obtain a salary certificate from each employer.

What can you do with a salary certificate ? — The employee can use the salary certificate to file a tax return, verify income, facilitate loan applications, and provide proof of employment. It serves as an important document for various financial and governmental purposes.
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