National Day

23/06/2024 - Commemorates the Grand Duke's official birthday.

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How does this holiday affect employees' working hours? - On National Day, businesses are normally closed in Luxembourg and employees are entitled to a day off. However, certain essential services, such as healthcare facilities and public transport, may have reduced operations. Employers must comply with current labor legislation and collective agreements regarding pay and working hours on public holidays. Employees who have to work on National Day may be entitled to extra pay or compensatory leave, depending on their contract of employment or the relevant industry rules.
Are employees entitled to extra pay for working on this public holiday? - Employees who have to work on National Day may be entitled to additional compensation, for example in the form of extra pay or compensatory leave. Employers should consult applicable labor legislation, collective bargaining agreements and employment contracts to determine the specific rights of their workers. It is important that employers clearly communicate their holiday pay policies to avoid any misunderstandings and ensure compliance.
How should employers inform their employees about compensation of public holidays? - Employers should communicate the relevant rules on public holiday compensation to their employees through written guidelines, employment contracts or collective agreements. It is important to provide clear and transparent information on entitlements, such as the amount of compensation for National Day, eligibility criteria and procedures for requesting leave or work for this public holiday.