Updated on 19/12/2023

Salary now available in German language!

Salary now available in German language!
We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our commitment to multilingual payroll management for businesses in Luxembourg. With the successful integration of German language support, proudly stands as a trilingual platform, catering to the diverse linguistic landscape of the Grand Duchy. Now businesses can seamlessly navigate Luxembourg payroll processes in English, French or German, ensuring an inclusive and effortless experience for all.

At, we are aware of the unique language challenges faced by businesses operating in Luxembourg. Our team has worked tirelessly to ensure that our payroll platform reflects the multilingual nature of the country, allowing businesses to operate seamlessly regardless of their language preferences. With English, French and German language options now available, eliminates language barriers and paves the way for efficient payroll management for businesses of all sizes.

And we got even more:

To address the unique needs of accountants managing diverse client portfolios, we've introduced a groundbreaking feature. Company users can now adapt document generation settings to create documents exclusively in a particular language for all employees within a company.

Imagine you're an accountant in Luxembourg overseeing payroll for a client with a predominantly German-speaking team. With our new feature, you can seamlessly set the document generation language for that specific company to German. This ensures that payslips, and other relevant documents are automatically generated in German for all employees, promoting a multilingual payroll experience.

Meanwhile, as an accountant, you can navigate the platform in your preferred language, whether it's English, French or German. This flexibility allows you to manage multiple clients with different language preferences with ease and efficiency.

At, we believe that language should never hinder effective payroll management. By offering a trilingual platform that supports English, French and German, we are committed to providing businesses in Luxembourg with the tools they need to streamline their payroll processes without language barriers. Our journey towards trilingual excellence is a testament to our dedication to making the go-to payroll solution for businesses of all sizes.

Experience the convenience of managing your payroll in the language of your choice. Join today and elevate your payroll experience to new heights!

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