Updated on 30/12/2023

Meal voucher

What is a meal voucher? — A meal voucher is an employee benefit that, before 2024, was offered in both digital and paper formats. It is issued by employers with a specific value and a validity period of twelve months, allowing employees to cover part of their meal expenses. Meal vouchers are used for the payment of meals at participating establishments in Luxembourg.

Types of meal vouchers:

  • Digital meal voucher: A non-negotiable digital voucher issued by employers before 2024. It has a predetermined value and is valid for twelve months, allowing employees to conveniently pay for meals or groceries at participating establishments.
  • Paper-Based meal voucher: Issued by employers before 2024, paper-based meal vouchers were an alternative format to the digital version. These vouchers, although less common recently, were used for the same purpose - to cover meal expenses at participating establishments.

What were the income tax exemption limits for meal vouchers before 2024, and what is the current maximum amount?
Before 2024, the maximum eligible amount for income tax exemption for meal vouchers was 10.80 €, while since 2024, it has increased to 15 €.

Do meal vouchers expire? — Both digital and paper meal vouchers are valid for twelve months.

Who is eligible for meal vouchers? — Eligibility for meal vouchers is usually determined by the policy of an employer. Many employers offer meal vouchers as part of their employee benefits package, but the specific eligibility criteria may vary.

How do I use meal vouchers? — Meal vouchers are usually accepted at a variety of food establishments, including restaurants, cafés, and grocery stores. Employees can use them to pay for meals or groceries, and the process is similar to using cash.

Can meal vouchers be exchanged for cash? — Generally, meal vouchers are not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash. They are specifically for the purchase of meals and food. Attempting to exchange them for cash may violate the Terms of Use.
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